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Traditional Thai Massage Victoria

In the Thai language it is known as Nuad Borarn; Nuad being healing touch and Borarn describing something ancient, sacred, and revered.

This system of sacred healing touch can be traced to India over 2,500 years ago as an element of ayurvedic medicine; a holistic approach to health emphasizing the balance of body, mind, and spirit through diet, herbal treatments, yogic breathing, and manual therapy. After the enlightenment of the Buddha, this healing knowledge was shared and preserved by Buddhist monks who eventually built monasteries throughout Asia.

What To Expect

Many people are intimidated or embarrassed by the idea of massage. Upon arrival for Thai massage you will be provided with a light, loose-fitting outfit which allows freedom of movement while preserving modesty. The massage is done on a mat on the floor – necessary to achieve the yogic asanas and enabling the practitioners to use their leverage to support while gently stretching and manipulating the limbs.

• Please arrive 15 minuets before your appointment
• Check in at the Bubble Tea place
• Complementary tea and foot bath
• All massage is professional and non–sexual

Massage Stones

The Many Benefits of Thai Massage

The benefits of this unique combination of ancient therapeutic techniques are myriad. Physically, one’s flexibility, circulation, energy, and immune system will be improved. Chronic pain, tension, anxiety, and depression will be alleviated. You will leave feeling balanced, energized, and filled with a sense of lightness of being. Spiritually, you will feel the joy of the healing connection with another, the simplicity of accepting help, and a greater understanding of the energy that flows through all things.

Thai Flowers

Couples Massage

Enjoy the rejuvenating Thai massage experience with a friend or loved one. The Thai Spa can accommodate massage for two by working in unison to provide an unforgettable shared experience. Couples massage can be a great way to relax and spend quality time together. Take a break from your busy daily routine while we provide relaxation away from all of life’s stress. A Couples massage is also a wonderful surprise for special occasions, such as Anniversaries, Birthdays, and Valentine’s Day.

Please phone (250) 391-8960 to arrange.

Massage Rates


Thai Massage
Foot Massage
Hot Oil Massage

Couples Massage

Per Person

1 hour – $70
1 1⁄2 hours – $95
2 hour – $125

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